Keep Focused


It’s simple enough guidance, “keep focused”, from a man who would know. The word focus is both a noun: the center of interest or activity, and a verb: pay particular attention to, and, therefore, has a different context based upon use and intention. My favorite is related to geometry: the fixed point from which all other points are connected. That definition resonates the most and speaks to the inter-connectivity with which we live our lives. That focus for me – compared to all the others – is the hardest for me to attain.

During a recent class I was sharing with the students my process for warming up and preparing for “work” time: I approach each day grounded, both physically and spiritually, from the moment I wake up, so that when I step into a space I am grounded. I plug in and get connected to my surroundings and focus on blurring the line that separates me from my environment. I know where I came from, so I recognize where I am, and can see where I am going. I strive to be in the environment, not of it: seeing everything, focusing on no one thing.   When I choose to focus it comes from the fixed point from which all other points are connected.

In order to be successfully grounded I have to be present. Being present is not just a physical act. Each of us sees people in our lives that are only physically present – just there, breathing through their mouth, busy up in their mind, blank and taking up space. Unplugged. Disconnected. What I am speaking to is being present: knowing yourself wholly so you – the good and the bad, the epic and the mundane – can fully step into and take up your space. Only in that place can I challenge myself to be who I really am. Everything short of that is just going through the motions, painting by numbers, and following the crowd. Unfocused.

Spring is here in North America, transitioning seasons are awakening the hibernating bear: activity increases, focus shifts or is lost altogether. Distractions. Noise. Filters. It becomes very easy to follow the herd.

Keep focused. Be grounded. Be present. Fully take up your space; let the noise and the 10,000 things pass. When you need focus to take ownership, step up and take it. Take it from that fixed point – your grounded place – from which all other points are connected.