The Journey

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“You will always find an answer in the sound of water.” Chuang Tzu

It is interesting to me as I sit down to write an introduction to who we are and what we do because I find out exactly how hard it is to convey the idea. Words can only express so much. I took a walk last night because I’ve been putting off the task of writing this blog introduction for quite awhile, and while walking, I learned some things: some were new, and others I just relearned again.  The biggest thing I relearned is that life – what each of us does every minute of every day – is truly about the journey and not the destination. There are quite a few parallels in that to what we do here at our business. But I’ll get to that later.

I walked to the end of the world last night, both literally and figuratively. For aeons and ages man was locked to the land; we hadn’t conquered, truly mastered, the sea until Harrison and his chronometer of the 1700’s; or Yeager and the last barrier to flight of the 1940’s; and now our tiny little step into space a half century ago. Last night I walked for miles until I stood at the edge of the continent, looking out across a vast ocean, half of the world in front of me, unable to go any farther. Standing, alone, at the edge of the earth, hearing only the sound of the sea, I relearned some things. Too much of our focus is about the destination, too much of our goal becomes about the goal…and the majesty of the journey is missed or forgotten.  Within my world I see this a lot, and the correlation I make is comparing “destination” to “task”: people say it’s about “the fight” yet lose sight of the path that prepares them for it; they focus on the gear and not the willingness to use it; they prepare bag after bag of “go” items but ignore the mindset necessary for them “to go”; they dump money into gear and equipment and neglect pouring nourishment into their body. They have taken the life out of their lifestyle. But where we learn things on the journey is where our life intersects with our path. And that is the important part that is often missed.

This site exists to celebrate the lifestyle and the path that, when combined, chart the journey that makes us who we are. This is a place to share our path, and your path, and rejoice in spaces where they intersect. This blog brings life back into lifestyle. It serves as a bearing point for those on their journey that need a point of reference, or a reminder, that it is the journey, not the destination, that truly matters. It serves as a bearing point for us, as well, to remind us of our path and validate our lifestyle. It is each thread, not the fabric, that makes the strong. When you write something in the sand it will survive for a few days. If you write it down on paper it can last a few thousand years; if you carve it in stone a few thousand more. But if you share something with someone else – if your story and your journey becomes part of theirs, thread wrapped around thread – it lasts forever. It serves as a thread in the fabric – a fabric that has existed since the beginning of time. It, your shared experience, becomes timeless.

We’re excited that you have chosen to share a part of your journey with us, and we’re equally excited to share our journey – our lifestyle – with you. Explore. Be epic. Learn. Make mistakes. Create. Change. Reflect. Grow. Be. And most importantly: Become. Let us begin!

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