The Shield of Freedom and Justice

Something remarkable happened yesterday in Dallas.  On the darkest day in American law enforcement history, a glimmer of hope and promise shined.  Yesterday, a faction within America, deciding to act on their darkest thoughts, turned hate into action, killing 5 and wounding more.  The only thing that has prevented this from happening in the past isn’t anything law enforcement has done: it is that someone hasn’t made the choice to do it.  That choice – defining that evil – happened.  And in that evil we glimpsed the greatest testimony to unified justice that we could: the law enforcement response.
As it stands right now the shooter – or one of the shooters – ended up in a standoff with the police.  Holed up and actively resisting, making threats to the end, any one of us – law enforcement or not, American or not – would’ve done everything we could to have engaged him and ended his life.  To settle the score.  An eye for an eye.
And yet they didn’t.  A negotiator – a negotiator – was brought in.  Think of that…of what that means.  An unseen attacker, from out of nowhere, has killed a handful of your coworkers – your family – and wounded handfuls more and you, in your justified fervor and anger exercise the one thing that you are condemned for abusing: restraint.  When any response would be justified, you exhibit restraint.  The utmost restraint.
So to American law enforcement, to specifically the valorous men and women of the Dallas police department: thank you.  Thank you for doing what you do but mostly thank you for being who you are: principled, honorable, and just.  You kept America from tipping over.  In your darkest hour, at the edge of the abyss, you personified truth, justice, and the American way.  In an era of superficial beliefs and misguided allegiance, you are true super heroes.  I, for one, am honored to live behind the shield of freedom and justice you embody.